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New Voice work!

2012-05-24 15:01:42 by siothio

Hey everybody! New video I've voiced in made by my bud kitsunealchemist
check out the video and give it a like then SUBSCRIBE!


2011-11-21 11:02:08 by siothio

Well as some of you guys know SXR123 is makin a big sprite movie. And I'm gonna be in it! I'm not sayin what it's about or who i'm voicin but there is a clip so go watch it and you might guess what this movie's about...

My first voice over(s)!

2011-07-16 18:11:48 by siothio

Hey Newgrounds!
I finally got to be in a movie! So here it is.(I play as Eggman and Knuckles) a_M0

Wow.... I need help.

2011-02-10 10:32:41 by siothio

I just realized... my voice acting demo SUCKS! So I'm gonna make a new one, but I don't really know who(what) I should try to voice act or what I should do. Can you guys give me any idea's?


2011-01-07 14:54:00 by siothio

Hello Newgrounds. I'm a new wannabe voice actor for you guys. See my profile if you want to contact me.